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Mitt Romney is the Boston Bomber

Thursday, April 18th, 2013
Romney Bomber CNN Screen Capture

Romney Bomber CNN Screen Capture

In the above, captured on April 18th, 2013, CNN cites Mitt Romney as a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

We’ve added a new category here at Roosterhouse Ideas called “Screen Stills”. The above CNN television screen capture is a good example of what this category is like. Moments are captured from moving media like an internet page or a television, even a radio blip incongruity. The idea behind this category is capturing events that only exist for a moment in our consciousness, sort of like photography except for events that are inherently unreal i.e. the image on tv screen or the blur of a vhs tape.

Information is being communicated at different speeds. By slowing things down or halting it completely, a different message can reveal itself.

My friend, who wishes to remain unnamed, took the above photo.