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Pretty colours

Thursday, June 29th, 2017
The psychedelicam

The psychedelicam

Today the Apple fan-blog Cult of Mac re-ran their story about my psychedelic iPhone camera. Check it out if you missed it the first time.

Toner Lung and Paper Cuts

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Look for Roosterhouse at Chicago Zine Fest this coming Friday and Saturday!

It’s been a crazy month of production. As always, each zine has been printed on an old ass printer and is hand-cut, hand-collated, and published inhouse.

In anticipation of Chicago Zine Fest, Roosterhouse is releasing six new zines. Click on the links for full descriptions …



Purchase Joe Cunningham’s Minneapolis Psychedelicam Volume 1 at Zineia or at Etsy.



Purchase Minne Deer’s Minnea + Plus the World and Back at Zineia or at Etsy.



Purchase Karl Noyes’ Jennifer at Zineia or at Etsy.



Purchase Ann Animus’ Hanging Deer at Zineia or at Etsy.



Purchase Paintings by Emily Level 1 at Zineia or at Etsy.



Purchase This is My Costume Volume 2 at Zineia or at Etsy.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Enjoy and see you in Chicago!

Hold the phone

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

I was interviewed yesterday for Cult of Mac regarding my psychedelic iPhone camera. That iPhone is a 2007 original model that turned 10 years old yesterday. Read the story here.

UPDATE: Two days later City Pages also ran a story about my my psychedelic iPhone pictures. Read that story here.

Misunderstood Up and Fell Down

Sunday, January 8th, 2017


Roosterhouse got some rave-ass reviews in the latest issue of Xerography Debt. Yay! (yes those are copies of Dazzler, the greatest disco dancing rollerskating Marvel superhero of all time (who should have her own damn movie too!))

Looking Ahead

Sunday, November 20th, 2016
Chicago Zine Fest

Chicago Zine Fest

We are pleased as pucker punch to announce that Roosterhouse will be participating in the 2017 Chicago Zine Fest. The event will be held May 5th and 6th. Hell yeah! See you there!

Yes, We Know She’s Holding a Hen; Still Adorable

Friday, September 30th, 2016
Rooster Lady

Rooster Lady

Roosterhouse is now on Facebook! Like us or don’t here. ‘Spose we’ll have to put up buttons and such somewhere and jump on the other social sites too. We’ll keep ya updated.

Photograph by Ann Animus.

An Act of Theater

Friday, September 11th, 2015
Roosterhouse Zines

Roosterhouse Zines

Roosterhouse was asked by Zine Museum to participate in an exhibition in New Zealand! So we sent ’em some stuff. Here’s a pic of our envelope amongst the others.

Photos by Zine Museum.

I gotta get better at this but Roosterhouse zines are for sale at Zineia!

If you’re in Minneapolis, try catching us on the prowl. I’ll make an effort at wider distribution in the coming months.

Chess for a Cause – Vote No!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Chess for a Cause

Chess for a Cause

Roosterhouse Ideas recently donated buttons, posters, and handbills for Chess for a Cause. Check out the details provided by the organizers below:

What: 2012 Minneapolis Chess Tournament Vote No Benefit to Defeat the Hurtful Discriminatory Marriage Amendment

$5 entry fee/donation (of course donate more if you can afford it!)

An anonymous donation equal to the total dollar amount of the entry fees/donations—up to $100 has been promised to be added to final entry fees/donations.

100% of entry fees/donations will be donated to Minnesotans United for All Families at .

Who: All friendly people of all chess skill levels welcome—from novices to Grandmasters!

When: 6:30 pm registration begins on Saturday October 6 (Sign-up and pay the $5 entry fee/donation by the 7:15pm deadline, and then play starts a few minutes after the 7:15pm deadline)

Where: Hard Times Café at 1821 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis

Why: To have a bit of fun finding out who is the chess champion of Minneapolis and to raise money to donate to Minnesotans United for All Families to Defeat the Hurtful Discriminatory Marriage Amendment

How: When you get to the tournament, find the gentleman wearing the name tag of “Carl D” (a well-known and trusted gentleman of the Hard Times Café informal chess club), give Carl D your $5 and he will then write your name on a list. Also at that moment tell Carl D a ballpark number of how many games of chess you’ve played in your lifetime, as that will help with the aim of having the higher skilled chess players meet in the later rounds and championship match.

Carl D will plug each players name into a tournament bracket. Sticker name tags will be available to make yourself a name tag, if you want, to help each other figure out who plays who. A minute or two before play begins, a brief welcoming intro will be spoken and stated how much money we raised and then Carl D will donate that amount, on the spot with his netbook computer with his credit card to

Next find your opponent and an available chess set and chess clock and begin the match. Each match will be Blitz chess games. Blitz chess games are such that you have 5 minutes on your clock and your opponent has 5 minutes on her/his clock. If you run out of time, or get checkmated, you lost the game. Each match-up is best of 3 games (first to win 2 games wins match). A draw or Stalemate is a tie game and thus doesn’t count. The winner and loser of the match reports the match result to Carl D or Dave S (whoever isn’t in the middle of playing) and the winner will advance to the next round on the tournament bracket.

If you lose a match, you are done, or you can feel free to compete in the loser bracket. Tournament brackets will be posted.

The champion, at the tournament’s completion, receives a trophy, and a pitcher of beer of her/his choice at Palmer’s Bar just blocks away from Hard Times Cafe. If the champion is under 21 or would rather—a Hard Times Cafe meal consisting of any 1 entrée, any 1 beverage, and any 1 bakery item.

If you have a chess set, and/or a chess clock, bring them. Free smartphone “chess clock” apps are available online. Be sure your chess clock and smartphone have plenty of battery power.

If you are interested in sharpening your Blitz (5 minute) chess game, you can play Blitz chess at for free.

Please respect Hard Times Café’s $1 minimum purchase per person policy.

Organized by The Hard Times Cafe informal chess club, GLBT Rights and Animal Rights Activists!

Lastly, the vote is going to be very close, so please see for how to help the No Vote. Thank You, and on November 6th, please vote no!

Chess for a Cause imagery and designs are by Guy Wagner. He volunteered the work so be a pal and send him some business.

For those that made it this far: an appropriately themed chess joke.

Twin Cities Veg Fest Wrap Up

Sunday, July 15th, 2012
 Mescal Cover                 Cocaine Cover

Mescal Cover                                              Cocaine Cover

The Roosterhouse Ideas table at Twin Cities Veg Fest was a success. Zines were sold and people were excited about the artwork and stories. I also made a few connections with people willing to do future zine covers.

At Veg Fest, Roosterhouse unveiled three new zines. Kevin Hagen’s “Breaking Away from the Herd” series continues with an installment called “Cocaine”. This fully illustrated issue focuses on Hagen’s cocaine addled days in the 1980s and its effect on friends, family, and self-perception. Cover (see above) by Tyler Hagebusch. Collage work by Karl Noyes.

Two more installments of Franz Fleinsasser’s non-fiction “Auslander” series were also debuted at VegFest. “The Fox” contains vignettes about a child being exposed to animal abuse and death. Fully illustrated with plenty of collages with foxes in them.
Cover was done by David Ball. Internal collage work by Karl Noyes.

“Mescal” also made its debut at VegFest. The story is about two friends and their experiences with mescaline and the transformative effects it has on walking in the woods, driving, and deer. This is an adventurous zine complete with a panda, ice bergs, and a coyote assassin. Additionally, “Mescal” features copy machine zoomography images of an old American quilt.
Cover (see above) by David Ball. Internal collage work by Karl Noyes.

“Midwest Leafleting Tour” was also previewed at VegFest with expected publication date of July 20th. We accepted pre-orders at VegFest. Karl Noyes and Ben Acaso go on a 1200 mile trip in a Mercedes fueled by waste grease. “Midwest Leafleting Tour” contains essays by Ben and Karl detailing the trip and exploring vegetarian experiences.

Thanks to Compassionate Action for Animals for making Veg Fest happen. And thanks to my friend Guy Wagner for helping me table and showing off his bee prints. Thanks to the Seward Cafe for a delicious lunch.

Roosterhouse on Radio K’s Culture Queue

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Radio K Culture Queue
Hey Everyone,
I was interviewed last week for Radio K’s Culture Queue program which will air Sunday July 8th at 6pm on Radio K 770AM / 100.7FM / 104.5FM.

Culture Queue host Noel Clark talked to me about Roosterhouse’s participation in Twin Cities Veg Fest 2012 which is coming up July 14th. Expect another post before then. The interview seemed long. It’ll be interesting to see what makes it to the airwaves. Have always been a fan of Radio K. Their studios and walls seem to be held together by concert posters. There is even a “What is Howard Stern feeling today?” whiteboard.

Here Culture Queue’s Tumblr site and main site.

Last Show at the Conventicle

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

…And the cops still haven’t showed up – after over a year of operation and hosting dozens of bands traveling through the Twin Cities the house venue has decided to disband. The tenants put together a line up with several bands for the closing show to ensure they did not end on a soft note, like a punk house with a DIY ethic should.

I had apparently pulled up to the house just in time, Punk Standard Time (where shows typically start almost two hours after scheduled), to see almost a hundred folks sprawling out from the back deck door winding down the steps and out to the lawn. However, for a change the schedule started a bit early and Fuck Detector (Fargo, ND, ex-Gumbi) as well as Serenghetto had already played; not a single complaint was heard about their performances.

Making way through the between-sets crowd outside I found that there was an exorbitant amount of food brought by and for anyone to share. The range of this potluck was wide enough to satisfy any food diet in practice with plenty on the backburners for later with meats still marinating, vegetable medleys, chips n’ dips, and a pile of a day expired boxed food most likely rescued from the local chain store or market. The kicker was the rhubarb pie humorously served in a pan in the shape of a Christian cross for one of the housemates’ birthday. The care in preparing the pie and the taste as it was served à la mode surpassed any notion of how to argue the implications of an inverted cross pie.

Into the living room space where the family Christmas tree had exploded, splattering the lights across the room’s interior and blowing out all the other furnishings and decorations out of there opened it up as the stage. A nice change to the typical basement dwellings, taken advantage of only seconds into Wild Child’s set by someone who leapt over the railing of the raised level into the tall room to crowd surf. Wild Child was a well-received local band that filled the room with a crowd that ebbed and flowed.

Probing the house further between sets would reveal that majority of the rooms were pretty bare, but served as getaways for groups to convene in. There were either two lines many people were waiting in, the one to use the only bathroom in the house or the one to get drinks at the bar. The bar was again in tradition staffed by Zach, one of the residents, who maintains pleasant conversation and his good-natured company was something to take back with you as the evening went on.

Getting into character was Chickadee Mountain Martyrs next. The band has been rightfully getting more attention as of late and for good reason. The lead singer/guitarist put his gear in place while dressed in black robe, dark sunglasses and a razor sleeve that draped from the arm he strummed his guitar with. Together with two separate drum kits, one of them a stand-up kit, and a bassist, they artfully crafted complex compositions without the other times employed horn and string accompaniment. Their experimental sound proved to be captivating and held a genuinely interested open-minded audience.

The night shifted back towards punk rock as Peer Precious, Mike Wilson of Duluth’s lyrically and rhythmically masterminded three-man band, prepped the bunch with their pop-punk music. People did their best to acclimate to the 80˚+ muggy atmosphere created by their own body heat as Shellshag (Brooklyn, NY) took over. The power duo, surrounded on all sides, weaved beautiful harmonious lyrics amid the heavy drumming and shake of bells tied to the standing drummer’s waist. The tower the drummer had sculpted out of each drum piece and stands reached far over everyone’s heads marking the end of their set.

To wrap up the punk catalog was the locally established Frozen Teens. By this point it was better to have stripped the better part of what clothing you wore so it wouldn’t get drenched with sweat. I, as usual, made the mistake of keeping all my layers on. The thickness of the crowd and the movement the band created tested the camaraderie of the mass as people rolled over onto the ground and the occasional surfer rode the top surface.

The persistent barrage let up and everyone hurried out to cool off. By this time nearly two hundred people were scattered around the property. Hugs and goodbyes were made all around the yard of the house while those who’d traveled and could not make it home that night were welcome to stay at the house for one last night. The Conventicle had its last great show May 29, 2011. The feasting will continue elsewhere!

Full Line-up:
Fuck Detector –
Serenghetto –
Wild Child –
Chickadee Mtn Martyrs –
Peer Precious –
Shellshag –
Frozen Teens –

Internal Combustion Injun

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Plane and Clouds

Apologies to all for the offensively long gaps between postings. Coalmines don’t run them themselves. I’d say no more excuses but alas, I have one more. I will be tripping through Asia for the next three weeks (Shang Hai to Philippines to Vietnam to Cambodia, others?). Working with my parents on the Barangay Learning Centers over there and taking pictures of the future of civilization (Angor Wat). Good stuff, here and here. There used to be a good 25-cent candy bar when I was a kid called Good Stuff. Well Good Stuff is no longer around and from my reckonin’ neither are 25-cent candy bars. I try not to say much in my posts but I have a few things to say here, so here you go:

I had a dream two days ago. I was walking on rolling green hills and wanted the punch through them and see the stars behind them but they were all rubber and I was unable to. There was a detour where I just listened to people talk and then I found myself out in the open again and the sky which was blue over the green hill was now composed of dinosaur bones. They were all fossilized until the entire dome of the sky was covered with them. I chose to punch them too, and this time the reality exploded into shards and splinters and behind the wall was cosmos, all of it. Every star that had been born and every star that was to be born was there and the beautiful blackness between them. Sometimes I guess, it takes two punches to knock the daylights out of something.

On that note, 2011 is looking to be an amazing year. A lot of things in the works are starting to come to completion. I just finished the first issue of a zine called “Breaking Away From the Herd”. I’d have the pdf files for you guys but I’m running an old Mac and the right programs I needed were wrongfully expensive. BAFtH is a great little exercise in memoir-collage- zine-work I am working on with my friend Kevin Hagen. Check his site out too. Issue will be coming hot and heavy, so don’t fret that you get nothing now because you’ll get a lot later.

Another project underway is a three part zine of a science fiction story by John Hoff a.ka. Johnny Northside. Check his site out as well. I’ve recruited some outthere black and white illustrators for these issues. I do promise there will be exploding horse heads. Anyways, John is pushing some cases through the court system that are up First Amendment alley so proceeds from this zine project will go towards defending someone who told the truth and got sued for it.

Also Roosterhouse will be putting forth a zine called Sap. David Moreira did the cover and Franz Fleinsasser did the writing.

Another zine, a cultural compendium of sorts called “School Girl Coverup” will be put out in the summer, but that’s a ways out there. I’m just saying, not promising.

I’ve talked to many of you about the Duluth music book project I’ve been working with Joe Cunningham on. Writing is 90 percent finished. Will do final revisions when I get back. Then we push it to publishers or agents and if all of that hits a shitwall, I’m thinking it’ll be released in zine form, either way the pigs have to jump the pen.

My friend Vince Michel is working on a soundtrack for a zine called “Old Soldier” which will be written by Franz Fleinsasser and layout will be done by me. Timeline for that one is looking like August. We’ll get Vince on the board here when I get back.

Yarrow Benrud just sent me an email from California so be prepared for more whacked out tracks, sounds like he might be working with a fellow still wrapped up in tape, probably a good thing. You’ll hear it.

More collages, many more, I’ve been stock piling them like foodshelf green beans (I know how that it is for those of you that know. They just don’t have ANY taste).

So yeah, a lot of words, just to let you guys know I haven’t been babysitting pink flamingoes to the tune of 9-to-5.

I’ll be back in three weeks, thanks for sticking around.


Monday, December 7th, 2009


Art Reception

Art Reception

Hello world!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

The all-nighter is over.  The site is up!

This is the web log of Roosterhouse Ideas, a non-profit art foundry founded in Duluth, Minnesota. The creative output of Karl Noyes, myself, and our many collaborators will appear here on a regular basis. Enjoy.