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Caught in a Trap, Can’t Walk Out

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
Squirrel Box with Blue Twine

Squirrel Box with Blue Twine

A gift for a friend. Thanks to Joe for pictures. Here’s another angle and yet another


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Skate Drip

Still Dripping

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Skate Drip

Skate Drips

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Skate Drip

Internal Combustion Injun

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Plane and Clouds

Apologies to all for the offensively long gaps between postings. Coalmines don’t run them themselves. I’d say no more excuses but alas, I have one more. I will be tripping through Asia for the next three weeks (Shang Hai to Philippines to Vietnam to Cambodia, others?). Working with my parents on the Barangay Learning Centers over there and taking pictures of the future of civilization (Angor Wat). Good stuff, here and here. There used to be a good 25-cent candy bar when I was a kid called Good Stuff. Well Good Stuff is no longer around and from my reckonin’ neither are 25-cent candy bars. I try not to say much in my posts but I have a few things to say here, so here you go:

I had a dream two days ago. I was walking on rolling green hills and wanted the punch through them and see the stars behind them but they were all rubber and I was unable to. There was a detour where I just listened to people talk and then I found myself out in the open again and the sky which was blue over the green hill was now composed of dinosaur bones. They were all fossilized until the entire dome of the sky was covered with them. I chose to punch them too, and this time the reality exploded into shards and splinters and behind the wall was cosmos, all of it. Every star that had been born and every star that was to be born was there and the beautiful blackness between them. Sometimes I guess, it takes two punches to knock the daylights out of something.

On that note, 2011 is looking to be an amazing year. A lot of things in the works are starting to come to completion. I just finished the first issue of a zine called “Breaking Away From the Herd”. I’d have the pdf files for you guys but I’m running an old Mac and the right programs I needed were wrongfully expensive. BAFtH is a great little exercise in memoir-collage- zine-work I am working on with my friend Kevin Hagen. Check his site out too. Issue will be coming hot and heavy, so don’t fret that you get nothing now because you’ll get a lot later.

Another project underway is a three part zine of a science fiction story by John Hoff a.ka. Johnny Northside. Check his site out as well. I’ve recruited some outthere black and white illustrators for these issues. I do promise there will be exploding horse heads. Anyways, John is pushing some cases through the court system that are up First Amendment alley so proceeds from this zine project will go towards defending someone who told the truth and got sued for it.

Also Roosterhouse will be putting forth a zine called Sap. David Moreira did the cover and Franz Fleinsasser did the writing.

Another zine, a cultural compendium of sorts called “School Girl Coverup” will be put out in the summer, but that’s a ways out there. I’m just saying, not promising.

I’ve talked to many of you about the Duluth music book project I’ve been working with Joe Cunningham on. Writing is 90 percent finished. Will do final revisions when I get back. Then we push it to publishers or agents and if all of that hits a shitwall, I’m thinking it’ll be released in zine form, either way the pigs have to jump the pen.

My friend Vince Michel is working on a soundtrack for a zine called “Old Soldier” which will be written by Franz Fleinsasser and layout will be done by me. Timeline for that one is looking like August. We’ll get Vince on the board here when I get back.

Yarrow Benrud just sent me an email from California so be prepared for more whacked out tracks, sounds like he might be working with a fellow still wrapped up in tape, probably a good thing. You’ll hear it.

More collages, many more, I’ve been stock piling them like foodshelf green beans (I know how that it is for those of you that know. They just don’t have ANY taste).

So yeah, a lot of words, just to let you guys know I haven’t been babysitting pink flamingoes to the tune of 9-to-5.

I’ll be back in three weeks, thanks for sticking around.

Man on Verge of Collapse

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
Man on Verge of Collapse, 2006

Man on Verge of Collapse, 2006

Man on Verge of Collapse, 2006 is a very teetery sculpture by Karl Noyes, who was just interviewed by Not Paper. Another picture of Man on Verge can be found here.

Gods among us

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Sculptor Abbie Vander Horck‘s Poseidon – King of the Sea amazed schoolchildren (and me) outside of the Crystal Court at the Aquatennial “Art of Recycling” contest in downtown Minneapolis last weekend.

Poseidon by Abbie Vander Horck