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Third Eye Spine

Thursday, July 29th, 2010
Third Eye Spine in the Booger Nebula

Third Eye Spine in the Booger Nebula

A collaboration of Jaira on sharpie and Angel on colored pencil.

Down the Predestined Tunnel

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Willow Vortex (right-click to download) (7.9mb mp3) (3:28 Min)

Down the predestined tunnel with beastly inclinations in co-hoots with robotic growth, synthetic progress, sight is perfectly blurry, brain is magnificently ambiguous, a visceral monster, capable of incapability, incapacitated bliss, lost laughs traveling on side tunnels intersecting at certain vertices, directional false truths, ears can only hear an uproarious silence, waving goodbye to passing frequencies, the fly lands, throws up, flys on, away off, set to automatic no necessary reload, limitless jealously swimming in a pool of paranoia, searching for fine tipped knives to stare at enviously, longing for longing nothing else but the spiraling willow vortex.

  • Drums: Jaira Donery
  • Bass: Yarrow Benrud
  • Guitar/Vocals: Schedlo
  • Location of Recording: The Space

Discrete Temperamental Amnesia

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


A Mouthful of Cannonballs

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010



A Mouthful of Festivities
Tongue mingled in chocolate
Turned to dull lead, swallowed
On the wall, a skitter-skatter-roach

A descending hand towel in hand
tenting an intrusive neighbor, forgive me
A bagful of silver legs and a sudden open fist
Free fall, bent antennae twitching S.O.S. signals

Spinning before it hit water

Flush, Flush, Flush Away
Toilet tiger howl
Flush, Flush, Flush Away
Toilet tiger howl