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Crude Drawing On a Dirty Etch A Sketch

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Halloween EtchASketch

Halloween EtchASketch

Happy Halloween everybody!

Above is a little treat for y’all, the first Etch A Sketch drawing of any kind that I’ve worked on until it resembled something other than a bunch of blocks and crushed oranges. Not promising many more of these.

On that note, the fall update. The other day a squirrel fell out of the sky right in front of me and two fingers slipped under its armpit revealed the poor bugger was dead. I left it in the yard and two days later it was gone. Rodent Methuselah? or just a case of a hawk returning for what it had lost?

Also been witness to hit-and-runs, car accidents, and other general mayhem. Some kind of psychic mass lobotomy has been performed on the population which leaves much work as far documenting and exploring the heightening novelty of our times.

We are on the edge of the magical season.

Winter is nigh and I’m looking forward to the cold and the harshness of it, starting to relish how hard it’s gonna be. So much grit to be found on the sharp edges of ice and hidden faces.

In a rambling post last spring, I provided a list of what was to come out of Roosterhouse Ideas.

Breaking Away from the Herd issues have been put out and will continue to be. Zines by myself and Franz Fleinsasser include Sap, Old Soldier,Wild Rice(a new one, post to come next week!). If interested, don’t forget to check out the store.

As promised John Hoff’s long middle-school exploration of the science fiction genre will be put out hopefully by the end of the year with illustrations by Tyler Hagebusch. School Girl Cover Up will also see the light of day Decemberish.

New zines in the next couple months will include an essay on barbecue sauce labels and a couple pieces of short horrorish fiction by Franz Fleinsasser. Also expect zine work from Calum Huthon and maybe … another cassette? I’m not promising anything, just saying.

Also, Zinefest was a fab success. Thank you to all those came out. There is some amazing working being done in the Twin Cities and Roosterhouse is lucky to be a part of it.

One lucky attendee did win a year’s subscription to Roosterhouse Zines. Congrats. For those that have subscribed, I have the first issues all secured in envelopes and they’ll be sent out today!

Leaves Like Janus

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
Linework 287

Linework 287