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Diagram of a Conspiracy

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Line Study 6

Line Study 6

Twin Cities Veg Fest Wrap Up

Sunday, July 15th, 2012
 Mescal Cover                 Cocaine Cover

Mescal Cover                                              Cocaine Cover

The Roosterhouse Ideas table at Twin Cities Veg Fest was a success. Zines were sold and people were excited about the artwork and stories. I also made a few connections with people willing to do future zine covers.

At Veg Fest, Roosterhouse unveiled three new zines. Kevin Hagen’s “Breaking Away from the Herd” series continues with an installment called “Cocaine”. This fully illustrated issue focuses on Hagen’s cocaine addled days in the 1980s and its effect on friends, family, and self-perception. Cover (see above) by Tyler Hagebusch. Collage work by Karl Noyes.

Two more installments of Franz Fleinsasser’s non-fiction “Auslander” series were also debuted at VegFest. “The Fox” contains vignettes about a child being exposed to animal abuse and death. Fully illustrated with plenty of collages with foxes in them.
Cover was done by David Ball. Internal collage work by Karl Noyes.

“Mescal” also made its debut at VegFest. The story is about two friends and their experiences with mescaline and the transformative effects it has on walking in the woods, driving, and deer. This is an adventurous zine complete with a panda, ice bergs, and a coyote assassin. Additionally, “Mescal” features copy machine zoomography images of an old American quilt.
Cover (see above) by David Ball. Internal collage work by Karl Noyes.

“Midwest Leafleting Tour” was also previewed at VegFest with expected publication date of July 20th. We accepted pre-orders at VegFest. Karl Noyes and Ben Acaso go on a 1200 mile trip in a Mercedes fueled by waste grease. “Midwest Leafleting Tour” contains essays by Ben and Karl detailing the trip and exploring vegetarian experiences.

Thanks to Compassionate Action for Animals for making Veg Fest happen. And thanks to my friend Guy Wagner for helping me table and showing off his bee prints. Thanks to the Seward Cafe for a delicious lunch.

Roosterhouse on Radio K’s Culture Queue

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Radio K Culture Queue
Hey Everyone,
I was interviewed last week for Radio K’s Culture Queue program which will air Sunday July 8th at 6pm on Radio K 770AM / 100.7FM / 104.5FM.

Culture Queue host Noel Clark talked to me about Roosterhouse’s participation in Twin Cities Veg Fest 2012 which is coming up July 14th. Expect another post before then. The interview seemed long. It’ll be interesting to see what makes it to the airwaves. Have always been a fan of Radio K. Their studios and walls seem to be held together by concert posters. There is even a “What is Howard Stern feeling today?” whiteboard.

Here Culture Queue’s Tumblr site and main site.