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Wither Realms of Forgotten Bush

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
The Silent Drama

The Silent Drama

Wither realms of forgotten bush
hides a young fairy, faint and wan
sleeping with her head upon an aronia berry

young robin lands with a thud
“How dare ye wake thee!” fairy says with a fist
“do it again and there’ll be blood in mists”

“But” says young robin
“you slumber upon my food
be a saintly sprite and just move”

“Nay say I” responded the fairy
“I have yet to dream
and the berry you seek is as soft as cream”

“It’s why I chose it
so let me be.
Come back tomorrow
it’ll be riper, too soft for my head
then I can choose another
that’s not so green”

with a huff young robin left
stomach empty to forage in the brush
though he knew the fairy was right
no aronia tonight

“perhaps I’ll settle for something bitter'”
whistled young robin
“a beetle, a buggle, a gnatter
then tomorrow there berry be
for me, for me,
sweet as nectar tea!”