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Chess for a Cause – Vote No!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Chess for a Cause

Chess for a Cause

Roosterhouse Ideas recently donated buttons, posters, and handbills for Chess for a Cause. Check out the details provided by the organizers below:

What: 2012 Minneapolis Chess Tournament Vote No Benefit to Defeat the Hurtful Discriminatory Marriage Amendment

$5 entry fee/donation (of course donate more if you can afford it!)

An anonymous donation equal to the total dollar amount of the entry fees/donations—up to $100 has been promised to be added to final entry fees/donations.

100% of entry fees/donations will be donated to Minnesotans United for All Families at .

Who: All friendly people of all chess skill levels welcome—from novices to Grandmasters!

When: 6:30 pm registration begins on Saturday October 6 (Sign-up and pay the $5 entry fee/donation by the 7:15pm deadline, and then play starts a few minutes after the 7:15pm deadline)

Where: Hard Times Café at 1821 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis

Why: To have a bit of fun finding out who is the chess champion of Minneapolis and to raise money to donate to Minnesotans United for All Families to Defeat the Hurtful Discriminatory Marriage Amendment

How: When you get to the tournament, find the gentleman wearing the name tag of “Carl D” (a well-known and trusted gentleman of the Hard Times Café informal chess club), give Carl D your $5 and he will then write your name on a list. Also at that moment tell Carl D a ballpark number of how many games of chess you’ve played in your lifetime, as that will help with the aim of having the higher skilled chess players meet in the later rounds and championship match.

Carl D will plug each players name into a tournament bracket. Sticker name tags will be available to make yourself a name tag, if you want, to help each other figure out who plays who. A minute or two before play begins, a brief welcoming intro will be spoken and stated how much money we raised and then Carl D will donate that amount, on the spot with his netbook computer with his credit card to

Next find your opponent and an available chess set and chess clock and begin the match. Each match will be Blitz chess games. Blitz chess games are such that you have 5 minutes on your clock and your opponent has 5 minutes on her/his clock. If you run out of time, or get checkmated, you lost the game. Each match-up is best of 3 games (first to win 2 games wins match). A draw or Stalemate is a tie game and thus doesn’t count. The winner and loser of the match reports the match result to Carl D or Dave S (whoever isn’t in the middle of playing) and the winner will advance to the next round on the tournament bracket.

If you lose a match, you are done, or you can feel free to compete in the loser bracket. Tournament brackets will be posted.

The champion, at the tournament’s completion, receives a trophy, and a pitcher of beer of her/his choice at Palmer’s Bar just blocks away from Hard Times Cafe. If the champion is under 21 or would rather—a Hard Times Cafe meal consisting of any 1 entrée, any 1 beverage, and any 1 bakery item.

If you have a chess set, and/or a chess clock, bring them. Free smartphone “chess clock” apps are available online. Be sure your chess clock and smartphone have plenty of battery power.

If you are interested in sharpening your Blitz (5 minute) chess game, you can play Blitz chess at for free.

Please respect Hard Times Café’s $1 minimum purchase per person policy.

Organized by The Hard Times Cafe informal chess club, GLBT Rights and Animal Rights Activists!

Lastly, the vote is going to be very close, so please see for how to help the No Vote. Thank You, and on November 6th, please vote no!

Chess for a Cause imagery and designs are by Guy Wagner. He volunteered the work so be a pal and send him some business.

For those that made it this far: an appropriately themed chess joke.