Breaking Away from the Herd – Hagar – Van Halen Adventure Photos Zine
### BAFTH – Hagar
Cover by: Aerienne Russell
Written by: Kevin Hagen
Centerfold by: Karl Noyes
Photographs by : Joe Cunningham
Published by: Roosterhouse of Minneapolis
First Printing : 100 copies – SOLD OUT
Second Printing : 150 copies

Description: It’s the 1980s. Van Halen is in town. At a bar, Kevin Hagen is mistaken for Van Halen’s lead singer, Sammy Hagar. He goes with it and what follows is a night of mayhem and surprises. Top notch Breaking Away From the Herd material. With previously unpublished photographs by Joe Cunningham of Van Halen. Adult material and contents. Centerfold. Color printed paper. Measures 4 3/4 inches by 7.5 inches ( 123 mm by 192 mm) Centerfold. 24 pages.