It Didn’t Make Sense the Last Time



It Didn’t Make Sense the Last Time by Roosterhouse – Minneapolis production scraps zine
Cover by: Ann Animus
Contributions by: Joe Cunningham, Karl Noyes, Jaira Donery, Kevin Hagen, Ann Animus
Published by: Roosterhouse of Minneapolis
First printing of 150 copies

Description: It Didn’t Make Sense the Last Time is a compilation of miscuts, failed ideas, and printing errors. Rather than dumping these pages into the recycling bin, Roosterhouse made a zine of them. Each one is different. Some have pages from original drafts, missed colors, bad cuts. Some adult material and contents.This zine puts the mistakes outfront. 4 1/2 inches by 7 1/4 inches (115 mm by 185 mm). Centerfold. Color. Approximately 26 pages (most copies will have more than 24 pages).