Savage Man Beats Dog with Sledgehammer



Breaking Away from the Herd – Savage Man Beats Dog with Sledgehammer – Minneapolis Zine
### BAFTH – Savage Man Beats Dog with Sledgehammer
Cover by: Karl Noyes
Written by: Karl Noyes and Kevin Hagen
Centerfold by: Karl Noyes
Published by: Roosterhouse of Minneapolis
First and Final Printing : 150 copies. No further editions of this zine will be printed. This is it folks.

Description: The concepts in this zine have since been disavowed by its creators. This zine consists about two opinions pieces by Kevin Hagen and Karl Noyes centering around the brutal beating of an old dog. The act committed in the driveway of the suburb of Savage, MN, quiet town Americans looked on in horror as their neighbor repeatedly hit the dog with a sledgehammer. Adult material and contents. 5 inches by 7 1/2 inches (128 mm by 190 mm) Color. Printed paper. Centerfold. 20 pages.