They Take Care of Their Own



They Take Care of Their Own by Stan Theis – Minneapolis story zine
### They Take Care of Their Own
Cover by: Ann Animus
Back Inside Cover by Jacques Monory
Written by: Stan Theis
Centerfold by: Karl Noyes
Published by: Roosterhouse of Minneapolis
Edition of 150 printed

Description: The first short story contribution by Stan Theis to the Roosterhouse fold. PI Harris Nielsen is a stumblebum and no family man. He finds himself in a bucolic arena. He feels something isn’t right but feeling and knowing are two different things. Jacques Monory painting image used with permission of the Monory Estate. Color printed apper. Centerfold. 4 3/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches (122 m by 190 mm). 20 pages.