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Sludgy Microchips 3000

Friday, February 15th, 2013

A lot is happening a little bitBOTS

Went down lookin fo my baby

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011



चर्य फ़ोर् हेल्प

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Click the link below to play (or right-click to download):

सोन्ग फ़्रोम् थे अन्किएन्त्स

Yarrow Benrud- Dulcimer
Schedlo- Drums, Vocals
Sonny- Drums
Roy- Drums

Recorded Live at the Joshua Tree Saloon on 04/20

Passageways of Displace

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Magnetic Skywalker

Friday, March 25th, 2011

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Whos Counting the Bricks Under Our Feet
Speech of the Shadows
Ghost Maiden
Night Alcove
Pleiadian Dreams
Purple Flutter
Magnetic Skywalker

Players on Pleiadian Dreams:
Jaira Donery: drums, bass, vocals
Yarrow Benrud: keys, godlazer, synth

Auspicious Eye – Melding of The Ego

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Melding of the Ego Album Art

Melding of the Ego Album Art

1.In the Womb (Soul Enters The New Vessel)
2.Birth (Explosion of Life)
3.Infancy (The Search for Meaning)
4.Watching Shadows Overhead (Mysterious Curiosity)
5.Climbing Down From The Crib (Fruition of Fears)
6.The First Steps (Cry of Emotion, Hovering on the Surface)
7.Baby in the Forest (Reaping and Sowing)
8.A Circulating Presence (Reflection and Progression)
9.Entering The Eclipse (Creation and Destruction)
10.On The Wind (Movement of Mind)
11.Willow Vortex (Wandering Wisp of Light)
12.Night Frequency (Dissonant Harmony)
13.Influx of Equal Echo (Ionic Bonding)

Track 1: Vocals by Yarrow Benrud, Beat by Javier Santiago
Track 2: Drums By Yarrow Benrud, Hammond B3 by Calum Foster-Bayless, Synth by Dr. Idway
Track 3: Vocals By Yarrow Benrud, Beat by Vinne Santucci
Track 4: Drums By Yarrow Benrud, Piano By Monica Ulrich
Track 5: Vocals By Yarrow Benrud and Alex Lawe, Production by Alex Lawe
Track 6: Vocals By Yarrow Benrud, Drums by Ben Levin, Piano by Jaira Donery
Track 7: Piano By Yarrow Benrud, FX by Andres Varela
Track 8: Me Getsu (Remix) Vocals By Yarrow Benrud and Word, Beat by DJ Krush: Me Getsu
Track 9: Drums By Yarrow Benrud, Piano by Szavio Petrus-Raaum, Didjeridu by Zeke Bato
Track 10: Vocals By Yarrow Benrud and Alex Lawe, Production by Alex Lawe
Track 11: Bass By Yarrow Benrud, Guitar and Vocals by Schedlo, Drums by Jaira Donery
Track 12: Banjo By Yarrow Benrud
Track 13: Vocals By Yarrow Benrud, Bass by Yarrow Benrud, Beat by Buddy Peace

Barbarian Microchips

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

A child’s strife is the hand cut by the other hand.

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Monday, September 13th, 2010

Maniacal glider subvert the glare,
stare at glass refraction scope, fear in hope,
reflective entities blinded by the suns spying rays,
daze of clarity barely standing, running exhausted still,
open eyes eat the pill, dilluted joy,
fruits of youth replaced by laced sugar teaspoons,
loons kicked from the curb under free moons,
soaring through nights abyss, the blue returns, forced food for eager urns,
emotional meat muscles, seek tussle,
what reeks needs cuddle,
instant gratify, subtle stradled lie,
beleivable enough, acceptable receptacle,
land fill, seeks to be sand hill,
precise position, don’t dare to make a move,
fidget smooth, irratic is attacked quick,
in the line, array, assembly, world worry,
hurried scurry, blurry reversal,
opposite is not the popped colonel,
microwave, radiation slave,
huddled bowing, up down, down up,
directional servitude– Click the photo below to enter. picture-1

Down the Predestined Tunnel

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Willow Vortex (right-click to download) (7.9mb mp3) (3:28 Min)

Down the predestined tunnel with beastly inclinations in co-hoots with robotic growth, synthetic progress, sight is perfectly blurry, brain is magnificently ambiguous, a visceral monster, capable of incapability, incapacitated bliss, lost laughs traveling on side tunnels intersecting at certain vertices, directional false truths, ears can only hear an uproarious silence, waving goodbye to passing frequencies, the fly lands, throws up, flys on, away off, set to automatic no necessary reload, limitless jealously swimming in a pool of paranoia, searching for fine tipped knives to stare at enviously, longing for longing nothing else but the spiraling willow vortex.

  • Drums: Jaira Donery
  • Bass: Yarrow Benrud
  • Guitar/Vocals: Schedlo
  • Location of Recording: The Space